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Many of our clients have expressed great interest in succession planning, asset protection and tax planning. These highly topical issues have driven an enormous and often bewildering range of "products" in to the legal marketplace, which often purport to provide generic asset protection or tax savings. Our clients come to us seeking clarity and advice as to what these legal products truly mean for them.

We have practitioners who work exclusively in the areas of business structuring and asset protection, personal asset protection, tax and revenue law and wills and estates.

Our specialty areas are:

 Business Asset Protection Lawyers

Successful businesses grow in value. Often the simple structures used by business owners to achieve early success can leave the valuable assets of the business exposed to creditors and litigation. Many clients are seeking advice on how to separate the business risk from the business assets by building internal firewalls and quarantining key assets. This has two-fold benefits - minimising the fallout of adverse litigation and also discouraging frivolous claims.

Recent changes to tax and revenue law have greatly increased the available tools for separating risk from assets, by splitting and cloning trusts and other business structures. This can greatly assist in the costs of business restructuring.

Small Myers Hughes can assist your business by analysing your current structure from the point of view of risk, and providing and explaining the range of options available to minimise this risk in a commercially viable manner.

 Business Succession Planning

What is your business worth? Have you considered what would result if you or a co-owner of your business was unable to continue in the business? This issue is often overlooked by business owners, yet it occurs in over 40% of businesses with four or more co-owners.

The types of issues to be considered by business owners can seem daunting and include:

  1. Arriving at a suitable valuation for the business and ensuring all parties are aware of and comfortable with the valuation method
  2. Ensuring there are adequate funds for the purchase of the outgoing/deceased owner's share by the remaining owners - perhaps through insurance
  3. Dealing with the results of any shortfalls of funding.

These matters are able to be solved with careful consideration. At Small Myers Hughes, we pool our specialised knowledge in this area with that of other experienced practitioners in the areas of financial planning, accounting and insurance, to ensure our clients not only receive the right advice, but are also comfortable with the process and fully aware of all of the issues.

Business Growth

We have extensive experience in assisting clients achieve their objectives in the growth of their business. Growth for growth sake doesn't necessarily relate to a better business and therefore we draw on our experiences and expertise in assisting clients to become clear about their business growth objectives.

Our team has the flare and imagination to think outside the square and will work with you to achieve your goals. We will provide you with clear recommendations and accurate advice. We work in partnership with you throughout your business career.

Personal  Asset Protection Lawyers  Gold Coast

We understand that clients want to ensure that the rewards of their hard work are safeguarded to enable a legacy for future generations. Many of our clients seek advice on how their assets should be structured before entering a profession or business to maximise the legacy capable of being left to future generations. We think outside the square, understand your objectives and will work with you to achieve your personal goals.

Wills & Estates

Our lawyers have extensive experience in the area of wills and estate administration. Death is a topic which many clients and their advisers avoid, though in reality it touches us all.

Like our clients, we work and accumulate throughout our lives with the purpose of leaving a legacy for our families and children. This legacy can either be a burden or a benefit, depending upon the manner in which it is has been planned.

Having a properly considered and documented will and estate plan is essential for all of us. Our lawyers do not shy away from providing you with clear recommendations and accurate advice regarding your will and estate plan. We will then work in partnership with you to ensure that you achieve your objectives.

After you're gone and your will is being administered, we can continue to act for your Estate to ensure that your family and children receive the legacy you planned for them.

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